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Spielberger Law Group is a law firm with main offices in Tampa, Florida and Charleston, South Carolina with additional, conveniently located, ‘by appointment only’ offices that may be located near you and throughout various states. We help employees and former employees with disputes and grievances connected to their current or former employers. If you feel you have been unfairly fired, wrongfully terminated, paid improperly, denied unemployment or discriminated against we may be able to help.


Founding Partner – James Spielberger - GA,SC


Managing Partner – Gabrielle Klepper - AZ,FL,SC,TX



  • Gary Martoccio – FL,IL,MA
  • Thomas Daugustinis FL
  • Jason A. Watson- FL,NC,PA
  • Elena Adang FL
  • Jeff Del Rio – FL,PA,GA
  • Trescott Gear FL
  • Jordan Sullivan – FL,GA
  • Phil Kegler – FL,AL

Spielberger Law Group

1200 N Houston Ave
Suite 1600
Houston, TX 77002
(by appointment only.)
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